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Omena Presbyterian Church has a rich history of meaningful worship and Christian ministry in the Leelanau Peninsula of Northwest Michigan.


Vital Worship

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, we gather for worship every Sunday at 10:00. We are a warm, relaxed community, and you are welcome to join us, whether you're in the area for just a week or for the whole summer.


Dynamic Preaching

Being a summer church, we do not have a permanent pastor. Instead, we have the privilege each week of welcoming guest preachers from all over the state of Michigan (and beyond), who help make each worship service unique and compelling.


Great Music

In addition to guest preachers, we have gifted organists and we welcome a host of talented musicians to share their gifts with us throughout the summer, deepening and enriching our worship experience.





The Omena Historical Society (OHS) will host a reception for the Church and congregants on July 19 at 6:00pm. 

Following, the Church will have a Dedicatory Organ Recital beginning at 7:00pm. 



Wedding Inquiries 

Regretfully, as a seasonal church we have a limited staff and are unable to accommodate wedding ceremonies. We appreciate the interest, and invite you to visit us on a Sunday between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

smaller version church picThis church was born in the hearts of eight people who gathered in the log schoolhouse at Old Mission with missionary Rev. Peter Dougherty on June 3, 1843. The next day twelve Chippewa Indians were added to the membership roll. In 1852, the mission was moved here to Omena and this church building was dedicated on December 26, 1858. The church bell which calls us to worship was made from the English copper pennies given by the Chippewa Indians and moved across the bay with the congregation.

Rev. Peter Dougherty opened the mission school, called the Grove Hill Mission, here in Omena in 1853 to continue his work teaching English, manual training skills, farming, and academic subjects to the Indian children whose families had become citizens. But after the devastating Civil War, support for this mission, which was given by the Presbyterian Board
of Foreign Missions, was cut off in 1868. In 1871, Rev. Dougherty and his family left Omena. At that time, the church became part of the Grand Rapids Presbytery.

In the period of time between 1871 and the mid 1920's, the church continued with various ministers serving. While at times struggling, the church survived and held a year round Sunday School until about 1957. Around 1928, the decision was made to have a summer church as the Indians, townspeople, resorters and cottagers were all worshipping together.

Given its unique history, which includes a strong lay leadership over the years, the Omena Presbyterian Church has the distinction of being the oldest Protestant Church in the lower peninsula north of Grand Rapids in continuous service in its original denomination. In 2008 we celebrated the 150th year anniversary of the dedication of this historic church building.

With gratitude we remember those who have given so much to keep this church alive.

Class of 2014

Robert Lange (email)

Class of 2015

Kathy Bosco (email)
Nancy Enyart (email)
Barbara Foster

Class of 2017

Joel M. Zylstra (email)

Moderator: Dr. Ross A. Foster
Clerk of Session & President of the Corporation: Robert Lange (email)
Administrator: Linda Zylstra (email)

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Rev. Dr. Homer Nye